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Do you have mold? Let SOS help you.  We can assist you with any indoor environmental issue, however we specialize in mold and water related issues.  We are a full service consulting company and can provide a “start to finish” solution for you or your indoor environmental concerns.  From a small condo to a 600 unit building, hotel or office building.  SOS has been providing solutions since 1996.







  • Do you have mold? Let SOS help you

    We can tell you what is wrong fast and easy as well as map out a definitive plan to fix the issue in detail. We do not work for free; no one really does.  But we are the most cost effective and reliable option there is.  Learn about mold inspections.

  • Simple answers to tough questions

    We have been at this a bit.  We have many accolades to our credit.  We can get the job done right and the first time.  You don’t need air tests to figure out what is wrong typically.  We will help you sort out your indoor environmental issues.  Read more

  • Testing, identification & Remediation coordination

    We can identify the issue, design a minimally invasive protocol to address the issue, and even assist in remediation coordination should you wish!  A complete solution to any mold issue.

  • Water damage specialists

    Do you have mold? Let SOS help you.  We specialize in water related issue and water damage.  It is essential to address water damage concerns immediately.  Otherwise, if not dried out in 48 hours, you will have mold growth.  See what happens if you don’t address water damage properly!

  • Buying a new house?

    Buying a new home? Renting a new place?  This is a difficult and arduous process for sure.  It is as well very stressful.  There lots of unknowns and issues to resolve.  Don’t let finding a hidden mold problem be one of them!  read more about how we can help

  • We can help you fix your issues!

    If there is a problem, we have a network of highly qualified professionals that are ready and able to address the problems so that your place is back to a “pre loss condition”  read more




Don’t simply rely upon air tests to tell you if there is a mold problem  Air tests are notoriously inaccurate by nature.  Further, they are subject to interpretation and impacted dramatically by environmental as well as other factors.  Air test results are NOT what a mold inspection should be based on.  Typically you should NOT have to take samples to figure out what to do to fix an issue.  If you can identify a problem by doing a proper inspection, there typically is no need to collect samples.  Do you have mold let SOS help you.  Contact SOS and we will explain to you why we are different and will give you answers, not simply provide a false sense of security.  Look at this article on air samples and why should not rely upon them. .

Having Mold is NOT usually a problem.

Most problems can easily be addressed and can be completely eliminated.

Do you have mold? Let SOS help you.  

We have the experience, know how, and qualified experts including Ph.D.’s to assist you in managing any indoor environmental issue you may encounter.  We specialize in Mold and water damage related issues.  We can handle your problem from start to finish! Tell you IF you need costly professional remediation or if a handyman can address your concerns.  We have performed over 50,000 inspections over almost 20 years.  We have seen almost every environmental issue you can think of.

SOS can help you identify any indoor environmental issue that you have. With almost 20 years experience and over 40,000 inspections, we have seen it all.  We can help you figure out what is wrong, what needs to be done to fix it right the first time every time. 


Some helpful information

some recent articles
  • 27 February, 2014

    So you think you have a mold issue?  We can help you figure it out. Mold isn’t really a problem as much as it is the result OF another problem.  Meaning that typically, mold in your home is the result of the some sort of water intrusion or leak.  We can help you sort out […] read more

  • 09 April, 2014

    Do I need air tests during my mold inspection? The answer on the first time inspection is typically no!  Air tests are valuable tools that an industrial hygienist (mold inspector) can use.  If you don’t take air samples how do you know?  The answer is simple as well as complex.   But in essence, if […] read more

  • 15 May, 2014

    How a crawlspace impacts indoor air quality This image illustrates how air moves through you home! this article will help you understand how a crawlspace impacts indoor air quality of your home.  Air moves in and out of your home via pathways and typical gaps in insulation and construction that are not sealed.  This shows […] read more

  • 15 May, 2014

     Case study on inaccurate air samples Location- Santa Barbara California  Problem:  Our case study of inaccurate air samples is centered on a home in escrow for $3.9 million dollars that was re built from the ground construction budget was $2.5 million dollars.  In connection with the escrow and proposed purchase, a mold inspection was performed […] read more

  • 09 June, 2015

    Case Study: Does my front load washing machine have mold? Front load washer, mold and health impact on your family.            hi my name is Chuck Colby and I own and manage SOS Environmental.  I have been solving indoor environmental issues for almost 20 years; specializing in mold and water damage. […] read more

  • 24 September, 2015

    Here is what you need to make a great DIY HEPA filter. a typical box type fan.  A HEPA rated allergen return filter (any brand will do as long as it is allergen/or HEPA rated.  There are designations MERV ‘XX’ you may see.  Try to get a MERV 13 or higher.  The filter only needs […] read more

  • 05 November, 2015

    what to do if you have a leak You may not like the answer but here it is.  Most homes today have drywall used for their walls. IF drywall ( aka “sheetrock”) is allowed to remain wet for more than 48 hours it will almost certainly contain growth mold.  So, the trick is to dry it […] read more

  • 27 April, 2016

    Does my front load washing machine have mold? How a front loading washing machine was making her kids sick! It is a fact that if you have a front load washing machine, it is causing mold to be on your clothes! Recently I visited a small home in the San Fernando Valley of a family […] read more


Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank, and of having nothing to do: once or twice she had peeped into the book her sister was reading
Walter D. Steele, Things XYZ
Walter D. Steele

Alice was beginning to get very tired of sitting by her sister on the bank, and of having nothing to do: once or twice she had peeped into the book her sister was reading
Walter D. Steele, Things XYZ
Walter D. Steele



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SOS is a full service indoor environmental services company that can manage any indoor environmental issue from start to finish.  We provide a complete solution either in house, or with our strategic partners so that you have ONE person to rely upon from start to finish.  We can manage a project of any size and no project is too big or too small.  From a 250,000 square foot office complex, A hospital or surgery center, a 700 room hotel, a 500 unit condo complex or a simple apartment sink issue.  We are the right choice.  

SOS is the RIGHT choice!

  • 90%

    homes have some mold 
  • 95%

    have had water issues
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    need remediation 
  • 99%

    problems we can solve
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    you will be satisfied 



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Do you have mold Let SOS help you

We will give you answers.  Hire SOS

Do you have mold? Let SOS help you

Do you have mold? Let SOS help you.  If it is a mold problem, we have likely seen it before.  We have participated in over 50,000 mold investigations and have seen every possible mold related circumstance you can imagine!  Most if not all mold issues can be mitigated easily and will result in being like it never happened.  The key is during the remediation process ensuring where the leaks are coming from. Stop the leak; Stop the mold.

While air tests are a great tool, they are NOT necessary typically to identify what to do if there is a problem identified in a home.  Read more about the role of air samples in a mold inspection.   Don’t be fooled by company’s that come in and take air tests and call that a mold inspection.  That is NOT what a competent mold inspection should be.  Read what a competent mold inspection should include. 



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